Make your predictions for 2010!

Fun game so I'll bump it to the front. But don't expect me to keep track of the results! --Kurt

Yes , I know that Spring Training began recently, but I hope that i didn't make big mistake.

Some questions is very uncertain [about no-no etc.] , but please answer for all.

Example : 1. Who will win a World Series ?? Tigers

If Tigers win you earn one point.

1. Who will win a World Series ??
2. Who will have the worst record @ AL ??
3. Who will have the worst record @ NL ??
4. Who will hit the most HR in 2010 in MLB ??
5. Who will be the first fired manager in 2010. ??
6. Who will throw a no-hitter ??
7. Who will hit a Hit-For-A-Cycle ??
8. How many [and who] will have a OPS over 1.050 in MLB ??
9. [combined] How many offensive players from Kansas , Oakland and Toronto will play @ ASG ??
10. Who will win a AL ROY ??
11. Who will hit the most GIDP in AL ??
12. Who will be a ''biggest star'' of Trade Time [end until 31 VII] ??
13. Which team will sign a Johny Damon ??

Tigers section

14. The numbers of Tigers wins will be ...
15. How many walk-off hits will we hit ??
16. I will hit the most HR before ASG [not include Miggy] ...
17. Who play first as 5th Starter in 2010 ??
18. Will our first pick in draft be a 3B ??
19. Will Casey Crosby play at least one inning in MLB in 2010 ??
20. How many PA will have Ryan Strieby in 2010 ??
21. How many HR , SB will have Austin Jackson ??
22. How many Home Runs , RBI and Errors will have Scott Sizemore ??
23. Who Tiger player [who play regular] will be first @ DL ??
24. How many ex-Tigers players will reach the World Series ??
25. Numbers of K by Inge
26. How many strikeouts will throw Justin Veralnder in a single game ??

Number section

26. Wins by Strasbourg
27. Wins by Halladay
28. Wins by Chapman
29. K by Johan Santana
30. K by Verlander
31. K by Matusz
32. HR by Pujols
33. HR by Reynolds
34. HR by all pitchers in NL
35. Wins by Pittsburgh
36. Triples by Granderson
37. SB by Elisbury
38. ERA of Edwin Jackson

Division section

39. Who will be a 2nd and 3rd team in AL West ??
40. Who will win a NL East ??
41. Who will win a NL West ??
42. Will anyone have more than 0.550 percentage of wins and won't reach the Postseason ??

Maybe after the season I will calculate your good picks.

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