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Johnny Damon sees big things for Miguel Cabrera

The Tigers take some batting practice in Lakeland. (Photo credit: <a href="">Thomas Haggerty/Lakeland Local</a>)
The Tigers take some batting practice in Lakeland. (Photo credit: Thomas Haggerty/Lakeland Local)

I never like to quote too much from someone else's story, but I just feel like I have to leave this Johnny Damon gem from's Jason Beck as is.

In a story about the likely batting order -- Austin Jackson leading off, with Damon, Magglio Ordonez and Miguel Cabrera rounding out the top four, Damon had this to say:

"I'm at two and Austin is leading off, he's going to dictate a lot of what happens, too," Damon said. "If he's on base and stealing, I'll be taking a lot more pitches. Also, the guys we've got coming up behind us, they've got something to prove. [Cabrera] is going to win an MVP before he's done. Magglio is on his contract year."

Cabrera's eyes widened as he looked over attentively. Damon smiled back.

"That's right, MVP, baby," Damon said. "And then you take me to dinner."

The Tigers would gladly feast on that style of offense.

One thing I like already: Damon seems to have fit right in from the moment he got there. I am not a big believer in "chemistry" when it comes to baseball. But I certainly can't complain about the vibe Damon is bringing to Tigertown.

Especially as a blogger.

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