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Prepare to dislike these guys

No offense to the Victorious Secrets, but by the end of April -- oh who am I kidding? by the end of the first game of the baseball season -- they could be annoying more fans than creating new ones, if history repeats itself.

The Secrets were in fact victorious, named on Thursday as the winner of FS Detroit's "April in the D" song contest. Their video won 54 percent of the 87,000 votes cast in the past week at FS D's website.

Runners up were B-Dab (35 percent) and No Justus (9 percent), whose videos you can also find by clicking their names.

The Victorious Secrets' video appears to be some sort of ode to Eddie Vedder* with a slight Beatles' hook thrown in for good measure. (Credit goes to my friend Lina for catching that last part.)

* hint: that link = awesome

And you know what? That's OK.

It's just that the April in the D campaign, while probably great for the casual viewer, can get a bit -- I'll be gentle -- annoying if you watch too many Pistons, Wings and Tigers games during the month of April and hear it 100 times a week. Or at least what feels like 100 times a week. The Good Luck Joes quickly went from an interesting look at life in West Michigan to annoying.

Like, by the second inning.

Even FS Detroit knows that. They ran a commercial with a tagline that said: 'It's your fault if the song sucks.'

Fortunately this year, B-Dab and No Justus will also be included in the rotation to help stave off a bit of burnout. So we'll see how that goes. B-Dab annoyed me from about the time the video started, but No Justus didn't sound too bad at all. So a little variation this year will be nice.

In the meantime, congratulations go out to Victorious Secrets. They have some pretty good competition and, as a music fan, it's always good to see local music getting recognition.

For their sake, I just hope they don't get too much recognition.