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Tigers pose for photo day, and Max Scherzer is smarter than you

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It was photo day in Lakeland. I always find the Tigers photos to be pretty boring compared to some other places. Of course, there's only so many things you can do. Point bat at camera. Extend arm with the ball if you're a pitcher. Maybe a bit of strange lighting or focus if that's your thing. Or maybe get in your stance with an interesting background.

I don't know if it's the team itself, or if the photographers assigned to it are not creative. But some teams -- like Oakland -- always seem to have funny and entertaining photos. I mean, just look at these from a few years ago. You've got Bobby Kielty spitting out sunflower seeds and Mike Piazza looking dazed and confused.

Instant classics!

Getty Images has all the photos from this year's Tigers shoot up in their gallery. I can't post any of them here, but you can cruise on over to their gallery and check them out. I think this year is better than in the past for Detroit, but there's nothing memorable, either.

Getty has about half the teams' shoots online right now. (Maybe more by the time you find this link.) In one, the photographer gave a saintly halo to Evan Longoria of the Rays, as well as several Yankees. (Don't look if you're afraid of seeing Curtis Granderson in a Yankees' uniform.)

Meanwhile, Heath Bell seemed to have had a pretty good time during San Diego's photo day.