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What's your Detroit Tigers' 2010 roster look like right now?

Pitchers and catchers don't open their workouts for another 11 days or so. But we've been having a lot of discussions about what moves are left for the Tigers to make before the season opens in April. So now might be as good a time as any to look at your 25-man roster if the season opened today, as well as the opening-day lineup.

The reason I say "today" and not "what do you think it will look like in April" is because it helps to identify holes and surpluses. (Although at this point in the season I think we've all done a great job on that.) Also, it's really hard to predict moves. Who would have thought Josh Anderson would be a Detroit Tiger at this point last season.

Let me say up front I generally don't like to play this game until midway through spring training, but there's no reason we can't do another round in about five or six weeks. We'll all have better ideas of what to expect then and make better selections. Also note, this isn't my ideal roster and lineup. Just what I think the Tigers would do.

Without further adieu, I'll show you mine after the jump, but you have to show me yours. I've given some added information on why I think things shake out like this, and what moves I think it would be wise for the team to make. But you don't have to.

25-man roster

Starting Pitchers (5)

1. Justin Verlander -- RHP

2. Max Scherzer -- RHP

3. Rick Porcello -- RHP

4. Jeremy Bonderman -- RHP

5. Nate Robertson -- LHP

Relief Pitchers (7)

6. Zach Miner -- RHP -- Long

7. Phil Coke -- LHP -- middle

8. Fu-Te Ni -- LHP -- middle

9. Joel Zumaya -- RHP -- middle

10. Ryan Perry -- RHP middle

11. Bobby Seay -- LHP middle

12. Jose Valverde -- RHP -- closer

Catchers (2)

13. Gerald Laird -- RH

14. Alex Avila -- LH

Infielders (6)

15. Miguel Cabrera -- R

16. Scott Sizemore -- R

17. Adam Everett -- R

18. Brandon Inge -- R

19. Ramon Santiago -- S

20. Brent Dlugach -- R

Outfielders (5)

21. Magglio Ordonez -- R

22. Carlos Guillen -- S

23. Ryan Raburn -- R

24. Clete Thomas -- L

25. Austin Jackson -- R

Opening Day Lineup

1. Austin Jackson --CF -- R

2. Ryan Raburn -- LF -- R

3. Carlos Guillen, DH -- S

4. Miguel Cabrera -- 1B -- R

5. Magglio Ordonez -- RF -- R

6. Scott Sizemore -- 2B -- R

7. Brandon Inge -- 3B -- R

8. Gerald Laird -- C -- R

9. Adam Everett -- SS - R

Others who I really considered

I really thought about Robinzon Diaz as backup catcher to give Avila more time behind the plate in Triple-A Toledo. But I left like with all the right handers on the team currently, the Tigers needed to have a left-handed (with some pop) option off the bench. Diaz would need a 40-man roster spot, too. And, I felt like if the continued growth of Avila was such a big deal to the Tigers in the first place, they'd have left him in the minors longer last season.)

I feel like Daniel Schlereth needs Detroit to get rid of a left-handed reliever to get a role in the bullpen. If the Tigers manage to trade Bobby Seay, for example, he'd make the pen. But right now, there's no room. There are already three lefties there and everyone in the bullpen has more experience and major league success.

The problems with this roster

The starting rotation is too right-handed, especially considering the AL Central competition. (The relievers may appear too left-handed, but Seay's splits are like having a switch hitter in the bullpen.)

The lineup is way, way, way too right-handed. As it stands, one members of the projected stating lineup can bat left handed. And he is the switch-hitting Guillen. Avila and Thomas give two left-handed bats off the bench, while Santiago gives the Tigers a switch-hitting option. So that helps to balance things a bit, as you know the Tigers' lineup will vary quite a bit from day-to-day.

Moves to make

Find room for another left-handed batter in the lineup. Signing the switch-hitting Felipe Lopez and starting him at second while easing in Sizemore would be one way to do that. But that would only work if Lopez would agree to a one-year deal, because the position should be Sizemore's in 2011 and beyond if he proves he's capable, which I expect he will. That would move Dlugach to the minors.

Signing Johnny Damon and starting him in left would be another way to do that. It would probably bump Clete Thomas back to the minors. Either guy would slide in near the top of the lineup and make things a lot easier on Leyland, who could then bat Ordonez third and Guillen fifth.

Move a left-handed pitcher. This isn't a big necessity, honestly. But if you need to free up some salary room, Bobby Seay could be expendable. If it's not about salary, probably Fu-Te Ni. I like him, but maybe he'll have some added value due to the fact he's cost-controlled and found success his rookie season.


This roster needs work. Outside of the top three starting pitchers and the back of the bullpen, it doesn't necessarily have anything to hang its hat on. The lineup is too right-handed, and lacks for power, on-base percentage, speed and experience.

As it stands, this roster does not pass the eye-test for winning a division.

Fortunately, I think it will look different by the time the season starts. At least, I hope so.