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FS Detroit annnounces television schedule for Tigers

Just following up on the earlier FanShot from SabreRoseTiger, FS Detroit announced its schedule of games this year, both for the regular season and during spring training.

First, the good news. FS Detroit has 157 games this season, and "the vast majority" of them will be in high definition. Just once are the Tigers set to be bumped to FS Detroit Plus. So that's great to hear.

The bad news? Well, you know how the day after opening day is like the longest baseball off day of the season? It might be a bit longer. The Tigers open against the Royals on April 5, and have a built in rain date of April 6. However, the game on April 7 is not currently scheduled to air on TV. Back in the day, we were just happy when the Tigers were not bumped off the air for days straight due to playoff hockey. But we're a bit spoiled now by having all 162 on one television station or another so it's harder to stomach.

FS Detroit's press release says:

The lone regular-season game without firm television plans is April 7 at Kansas City, a date on which the Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons are in action at the same time. Telecast schedules set several months ago have the Red Wings game on FOX Sports Detroit and the Pistons airing on FOX Sports Detroit Plus. The network is working to determine if it can also distribute that night's Tigers game.

"It is our goal to provide coverage of all three of our teams' games on April 7 to create a great triple-header of Detroit sports. We'll know in the coming weeks if that will be possible," said Greg Hammaren, Senior Vice President/General Manager, FOX Sports Detroit.

Hopefully it can. No use in getting all worked up in early February over something that won't happen until April. If not, well, radio guys Jim Price and Dan Dickerson aren't too bad to spend a few hours with, right?

Four games will also be on Fox Saturday Baseball. It would be nice to pretend they're national games, but the Tigers seldom seem to get airtime outside the two states the teams are from and (randomly enough) North Dakota.

Anyway, back to more good news. FS Detroit will show spring training games on March 15, 18, 21 and 25.

Can't wait!

"April in the D: Tigers Premiere Week" is planned for April 1-9, including a season preview special.