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The 2010 BYB Meet-up: Early planning

Late last season we took a poll and had some discussion regarding a meet-up during the 2010 season. Well, group ticket packages have gone on sale at Comerica Park, and I've officially set aside the funds to make the trip whether a meet-up happens or not, so I figured now would be as good a time as any to get the planning underway.

It looks like we've settled on July 4th weekend, which will be a series against the Seattle Mariners. Here is the schedule for that series:

Friday, July 2, 7:05pm

Saturday, July 3, 7:05pm

Sunday, July 4, 1:05pm

and for good measure, Monday, July 5th is the start of a series against the Orioles, time TBA.

Here are the main points I'd like to figure out before we get this thing going:

  • I'm thinking Saturday would be our best bet, since a lot of people have family obligations on the 4th. Those of us coming from out of town may need travel time, schedules are always weird for national holidays falling on weekends. Those that can't make it Saturday can always plan a smaller version of the meet-up on surrounding days - I know I will be going to more than one game while in town!
  • I will be contacting a ticketing rep on BYB's behalf for any and all information needed, but I haven't been to Detroit since I was a little kid and I've never been to Comerica. So our friend Detroitchik AKA Patty is going to be my partner in crime and help out, make "HELLO MY NAME IS" badges, etc. There is a deposit required (around $100) to guarantee group seating, plus we'll have to get everyone's ticket money eventually. This is gonna involve some trust, and I trust Patty. I hope you guys all trust me and that I just want us all to meet and have fun, and we'll both do our best to make this go smoothly. :)
  • Lastly, I need to gauge interest so we can provide the ticket rep with an estimate of people. In the next post I'll pass along our final estimate of attendees and we'll discuss what section we'd like to sit in. Please take the poll below! If you've got any other input or questions please comment, per usual.