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Morning lede: What's he doing here?

Al Beaton, aka Big Al here! I'll be your host today, and will be every Saturday and Wednesday from here on through October. (Hey, a man can dream!)

Kurt and I decided to divide up the daily duties at BYB, in order to allow him time to write more in-depth pieces, instead of just posting game threads and recaps. It'll also give me the opportunity to annoy the loyal BYB readership with my snarky style, and a forum to complain bitterly about Jim Leyland's asinine batting orders. (If I EVER see Clete Thomas batting 3rd again, I'm gonna...)

Seriously, it's a privilege to write for BYB, and I hope to live up to Kurt's (and for that matter, Ian's) high standards.

Quickie link dump!

Remember former Tiger Doug Baker auctioning off his World Series ring? He got some serious jack for it.

Brandon Inge feels like a kid again!

The Twins new closer could be...Francisco Liriano?

Seamheads has a take on the trade we've beaten to death like a dead hose in these parts.

Lynn Henning tells us the Tigers are going to have plenty of money after 2010. No kidding? Really?

And let's have a moment of silence for Kurt's beloved Spartans, who lost to the Gophers in the Big Ten tournament last night. I'm sure many of you will be ODing on college hoops with one eye, while following the Tigers with the other...including me!