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Official BYB Fantasy League decides its rules

Over the weekend we took the next step at the Official Bless You Boys Fantasy League by deciding some rules.

Briefly, we all decided to go with roto scoring, as most leagues people are in tend toward the head-to-head format. This lets all of us have something a little different. And I think it takes a bit of the luck factor out of the equation too, as you have an entire season's data deciding the results, no just 16-17 week-by-week results.

Second, we decided the stats. While wanting to keep close to the traditional 5-by-5 format, we thought we'd change it up a bit by going with On-Base Percentage rather than average, and Slugging Average rather than home runs. While those traditional stats are nice and all, I think this lets you get a bit more creative with how you assemble a roster.

The draft isn't until a week from this coming Saturday, so we have plenty of time to research how to best make use of those changes.

You've got a few weeks left to set up your own league at the Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League, too, to save 50 percent off the regular price. So it's just $90 bucks, or less than $10 per player for most leagues. And if you decide to set one up through Bless You Boys, you'll even get a special reward: First place in your league gets a free Bless You Boys T-shirt courtesy of SB Nation.

So far I've been pretty impressed with the number of options the League offers and I think it will be pretty cool to use all the tools when it comes time for our auction and when the game actually begin. It's free for you to sign up and take a look around to form your own opinion, however.

Just remember to use this link!

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