All-Star Name Team

I love names (read the phone book as a kid. Picked my favorite name off of each page, then staged a March Madness style bracket competition. Winner of Ann Arbor phonebook ca. 1985: Tetsufumi Ueda.) . I love baseball. I love baseball names.

This year's spring training rosters seem to have been unusually rich in name possibilities. Whether you are a fan of the simply unusual (Dlugach), the image evoked (Seay, Lyon) , the poetic effect (Rainwater, Fu Te Ni), or the double entendre (Coke), this year had something for you. It has made me think about great names of teams past.

So now that we've done the Tigers all-aught team, and the Tigers all-suck team, how about the All-Name Team? What are the best Tigers names in franchise history? Feel free to use any criteria you want, but explain your choices!

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