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Miguel Cabrera was stressed, angry

Miguel Cabrera continued talking with reporters today about what caused some of his personal issues last season.

Essentially, he admits the stress of being a major league baseball star and having a team making a push for the playoffs, was too much for him.

As quoted by Jason Beck (but with a story by Steve Kornacki at MLive as well), Cabrera told the media:

"Everything was built up inside of me. I was angry at everybody"


"I was young. I had a lot of pressure onto me with the Marlins and everything. I didn't know how to handle that. [People] said you're going to be a man here, you're going to be a man here, but I wasn't prepared for that."

Acknowledging that much was one step. Finding help was another big step. Cabrera said he talks to his father more, and getting back to Venezuela this offseason helped him find the help he needs. He's got a support system he feels comfortable with now. He also says things are better with his wife.

"I can get through anything. It's coming easier to me. You know how sometimes you have problems, you [keep it] inside, and you can't let it out. That's what happened to me most of the time. I was angry most of the time. Right now, it's easy to let it go."

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