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Grapefruit League Gamethread: Tigers at Blue Jays, 1:05 p.m.

When: 1:05 p.m.
Where: Dunedin, FL
Media: Gameday Audio for those that subscribe

Tigers lineup: Jackson CF, Sizemore 2B, Ordonez RF, Inge 3B, Guillen DH, Raburn 1B, Laird C, Ramirez LF, Santiago SS

Pitching: Nate Robertson, Phil Coke, Joel Zumaya, Jose Valverde as of this morning

Blue Jays lineup: Bautista 3B, Hill 2B, Lind LF, V. Wells CF, Overbay 1B, Buck C, Ruiz DH, Snider RF, A. Gonzalez SS

Pitching: Brian Tallet starting

The Tigers were rained out on Monday, so we'll see if that effects any of the pitching decisions that were scheduled.