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All's well that ends well: Casey Fien glad to be back "home"

It's safe to say Casey Fien's past month has been more hectic and stressful than most.

After coming up with the Tigers, he was designated for assignment when Detroit needed to open a roster spot for outfieder Johnny Damon. The Red Sox claimed him. They promptly put him on waivers. Then lost him to the Blue Jays, who claimed him off waivers before Fien could make his way to the minor leagues. Then they released him.

Not fun for anyone to go from preparing for the upcoming season to being seemingly rejected repeatedly. Not good for the ego, either.

Fortuantely, the story may end happily enough, now that the Tigers have signed Fien to a minor league contract.

Tom Gage of the Detroit News had an excellent article on the entire thing.

That's when John Westhoff of the Tigers called him and said "come on home."

"I thanked him for not throwing away my jersey," Fien said. "This game can be cruel sometimes. Nobody gave me any answers. I asked the Jays why and they told me I was a liability.

"A liability? I haven't thrown to a hitter all spring. It's been like a twilight zone, a nightmare. Nobody gave me a chance. That's the first time I'd ever thought of quitting baseball."

Fien told Gage all he wants to do is throw the ball to a batter again -- an experience he hasn't had since leaving the Tigers.

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