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The BYB Meet-up: Planning continues

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Hi guys. Thanks for your patience after the last post about the meet-up last month, I've had a lot going on.

All said and done on that post, we got 28 "yes"es for the meet-up. I'm going to assume several of you also want to bring a +1 and round that to about 35 or so when I talk to the ticketing guy.

The next decision we need to make is where to sit. The game July 3rd is a Premium game, so unfortunately the group discount doesn't apply. I've got another poll for you after the jump, as well as some other info regarding accommodations and stuff. For your reference, please view the seating chart here. The prices on that page are the same as the prices for our group; note that not all sections are available for group seating, as stated here. For the lazy, here's a quick introduction to the sections I included in the poll.

Outfield box - it ain't cheap, but we'll have a great view.

Lower baseline box - many chances at foul balls, still near the field

RF Grandstand - I just put this on there because it's near Maggs and Patty deserves to be near him after helping me, and it's a medium price range between the boxes and the..

Pavilion - I think this would be the most fun, and it's reasonably priced. This section is behind the bullpens, we could heckle the Mariners pen - don't they think they are vikings or something? - and watch our guys warm up.

Regarding hotels for anyone that needs one, apparently to get a group rate downtown we need to reserve at least ten rooms somewhere. I'm pretty sure we don't need that many, but we checked out the Holiday Inn Express downtown anyway, since it recently had a remodel. Patty has photos here, it looks pretty nice. I am probably staying there, and right now if you book ahead of time and pay up front the rate is around $99. They also have a shuttle to the ballpark which is free if you get a drink at their bar, as well as free internet and breakfast. Go ahead and talk amongst yourselves about sharing rooms to save $$ in the comments if you want! If you have any more questions about that, or other logistical stuff, feel free to email Patty: pjustice1957 at gmail dot com.

ETA: The Holiday Inn also has the following package -


Not a bad deal!

Regarding payment, the deposit isn't going to be too bad, so I can probably cover that and recoup the costs once you guys start sending us money for your tickets. I will be accepting paypal, and Patty has a PO box if you'd prefer to send a check or money order.

FYI for those who can't make it Saturday but want to come to another game that weekend: Patty and I are planning to go to the Sunday and Monday games, which will also be cheaper. So we can hang out then if you want!