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Bobby Seay facing uphill battle after shoulder tear

Bobby Seay has a torn rotator cuff, you've probably read by now.

The left-handed reliever could lose his last guaranteed year in a Tigers uniform -- he's a free agent after this season. But it's too early to say for sure.'s Jason Beck reports:

Seay said the injury was called a Grade 2 undersurface tear. It nearly qualified as a Grade 3 tear, which would be the most severe on the scale and close to a complete tear. It involves the supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons, and it doesn't heal itself. The hope for rehab is to strengthen the muscles and everything around the injury to take as much pressure off it as possible.

Seay told Beck the minimum amount of rehabilitation is six weeks. Surgery is the other option, but that's more of a last resort with a very long rehab time. If he had surgery, there's a chance he'd never make it back to the majors again, so Seay would rather not think about that one right now.

The Freep's John Lowe quotes Seay:

"I am confident going into rehab that I’ll get it back into form. My mantra is to play for the Detroit Tigers again. To come in and get big left-handed hitters out in crucial games and to be part of the team again. That’s what drives me as a pitcher to get back and play."

Trainer Kevin Rand and manager Jim Leyland both have a good feeling about Seay's chances of recovery. So hopefully he is able to make it back. In the meantime, Seay is apparently feeling a bit dejected, the News' Tom Gage reported:

"Bobby is down in the dumps about it," Leyland said. "I feel badly for him. We talked. It was a sad conversation. But I have a good feeling about it."

TigerDog1 had some nice things to say about Seay in the comment section of an earlier post, so be sure to check that out, too.