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BYB League update: Draft held, spending spree gone wild

So the official BYB Fantasy League, hosted by's Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League, held its auction this afternoon ... right in the middle of Michigan State's march to the Final Four.


Nevertheless, I was able remember to breathe and keep the freakouts to a minimum. And also, I avoided spending more than $33 dollars on any single player. Which is more than can be said for some free spenders!

While it might take way too long to go over the complete results, here are a few highlights:

My team is going to win.

Wait, other highlights I mean ..

  • Ohio Tigers managed to spend a combined $88 (of $260) on Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez ($48).
  • Zappa took grabbed a couple of former Tigers relievers -- Brandon Lyon and Fernando Rodney -- but paid much less than Ed Wade did for Lyon. He paid $37 for Dustin Pedroia.
  • Alli went for the hottest team money could buy. She ended up paying nearly $50 for Joe Mauer. Seeing her grab Rick Porcello, CJ Wilson and Gordon Beckham was therefore not that big a surprise.
  • Beyond Barbaro Garby accidently paid $19 for Adrian Beltre and $49 for Miguel Cabrera. Itchy trigger finger? Whoops!
  • Little Green Men ... well I don't really know what to say about that team, but I think he bought a Beach Boy. He went as high as $37 for Matt Holliday.
  • You'll want to root against Hail to the Victors ... he's got three White Sox, Alex Rodriguez AND KEVIN YOUKALIS?! $44 for A-Rod was the most spent.
  • DemonDeaconBaseball, like me, thought the prices were insane. He went for bargains, such as the $16 John Lackey. (How did that happen? Well if you want to know my side of it, Michigan State needed a key basket and I looked away from the screen too long ... I don't know what the excuse of the other 10 people is!) He also got Grady Sizemore for $26.
  • The Toledo Mud Hennemans should have been named the Mud Hessmens if you ask me. Oh and Jason took away Dan Haren from me. So you'll want root against him too, OK? Tim Lincecum for $35 was the big spending spree.
  • Turning Chet Lemon into Lemonade (great name) was spending like the money was fake ... oh right. He snared Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, Mark Teixeira and Evan Longoria early, for a combined $169. His pitching staff may be a lot of bargains, but that's some great batting.
  • In case you're worried about DetroitChik, her Southwest BigCats got Magglio Ordonez for a reasonable $7. She also has several right fielders, Justin Verlander and Phil Coke. Her biggest purchase? $42 for Ryan Braun.
  • Zumaya's Zips let the bargain come to him when it came to catcher, and grabbed Chris Ianetta for just a buck. Wow! But he's also got a couple of Mets, so he won't be winning anything! He spent $39 on Carl Crawford.
  • And finally, my team: I thought prices were insane but then started buying up starting pitchers for $20-30 bucks, as well as a pretty nice all-star infield to go with my aging outfield. About six players in, I finally purchased a player from outside the eastern time zone. Most spent: $33 for Ryan Howard.

Quotable? Highlights from the chat:

  • Alli: oh my god, my team is so handsome
  • David Tokarz: i like young players
    Alli: thats what she said

    David Tokarz: isn't that what you say?
  • Chris Thierer I somehow got suckered into paying $49 for Drunky

There's still time to sign up for's Fantasy Baseball Commissioner's League for half-off using this link. That takes the price down to $89.99 a league, which is less than $8 a person for a 12-team.

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