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Grapefruit League Gamethread: Pirates at Tigers, 1:05 p.m.

When: 1:05 p.m.
Where: Joker Marchant Stadium, Lakeland, Fla.
Media: MLB Gameday Audio

Tigers lineup: Raburn CF, Damon DH, Ordonez RF, Cabrera 1B, Guillen LF, Laird C, Sizemore 2B, Santiago 3B, Everett SS.

Pitching: Justin Verlander, Phil Coke and Brad Thomas.

Pirates lineup: Iwamura 2B, McCutchen CF, Jones RF, Doumit C, Milledge LF, Clement 1B, LaRoche 3B, Duke P, Crosby SS

Pitching: Zach Duke and a cast of nobodies yet to be announced.

Lets get back to discussing the game, instead of debating the merits of 5th starters and the decisions of the front office, shall we?