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Grapefruit Game Thread: Astros at Tigers

Houston Astros

at Detroit Tigers

When: 1:05 p.m.
Where: Joker Marchant Stadium, Lakeland
Media: KBME 790 AM in Houston. If you subscribe to Gameday audio/, go here to listen. Otherwise, feel free to try to listen to KBME online, as the schedule has the game on it.

The live box isn't up yet but here's today's scoreboard, which will take you to it (this is allikazoo, I add the lineups and new info each morning. We're a winning team here at BYB, no matter what the scores are).

Tigers pitching lineup: Eddie Bonine starting

Astros pitching lineup: Wandy Rodriguez starting

Tigers batting lineup: Jackson CF, Damon DH, Ordonez RF, Cabrera 1B, Guillen LF, Raburn 3B, Laird C, Santiago 2B, Everett SS.

For anyone concerned, Brennan "Eleven Stitches" Boesch wasn't on the list of starters in the B game this morning, but maybe he'll play in later innings, who knows.

Astros batting lineup: Haven't found it yet, but Carlos Lee will not be playing because he's back in Texas rodeoing it up.

Not a lot of information about this game has been announced at the time I'm writing up the game thread (11:30 p.m. on Thursday). Of greater interest to Tigers fans is probably the "B" game that started at 10am, which Tigers first round draftee in 2009 Jacob Turner will start.