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Jeremy Bonderman talks about his bad day on the mound

Jeremy Bonderman "just didn't have it," catcher Gerald Laird said.

This is a contention Bonderman agrees with after giving up six runs in two-thirds of an inning against the Blue Jays on Sunday. He allowed six hits, including a grand slam, and a walk.

Bonderman said he realizes he does not have a guaranteed spot in the rotation, so he is going to have to go out to earn it and he can't pitch like that and expect to get the job.

As for what was actually wrong, he told's Jason Beck:

"I was just out there trying to make sure my arm was in the right [slot], just thinking too much. When I started falling behind guys, I tried to do too much. Then, when I had to throw strikes, they were right down the middle."

On the other hand Laird said, "Nate (Robertson) looked great." Unable to fight the urge to make a rhyme out of Robertson's name like the rest of us, I see.

"Nate threw the ball as well as he has since I've been here," said catcher Gerald Laird, who came to the Tigers last season. "Nate looked great. There was not a pitch where he missed his location, and he was throwing with a lot of confidence."

(quoted by MLive's Steve Kornacki)

Robertson pitched three scoreless innings and allowed just one baserunners.

In other news:

Gage wrote:

Rick Porcello, what do you think of being called a veteran at 21 by 18-year-old Jacob Turner? "He's the only here to whom I am one."