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The BYB Meet-up: Seats reserved!

Well, we're inching closer to having everything set for our meet-up on July 3. I spoke with our group ticketing rep yesterday and reserved our seats in section 114, rows 17-19. This puts us in the Lower Baseline Box (see seating chart) - which was voted as the second choice among everyone. Why did we wind up in this section? The seats available for a group our size in the Pavilion sucked, that's why! Trust me, the rep didn't even want to bother telling me what he had. I think these will be good - first baseline in the shade, and close to the field.

So now comes the fun part. I'll be putting down a 20% deposit this week and I need you guys to send in your money for your tickets. We need to have all the money in by June 3rd, but it'd be awesome if we could get it done before then, especially because I'm gonna be low on personal funds once I put up the money. Anyone who does not reserve themselves a ticket by June 3rd won't be guaranteed a seat with the group. See details for sending payment after the jump.

The easiest way for me to keep track of your payments is if you send your $32 per ticket to me via PayPal. You can do this by logging into your PayPal account and clicking "send money" to my email address: amh1980 at Please be sure to do two things when you send your payment:

1. Mark it as a "gift" to avoid extra fees being taken out of the transaction

2. Put your BYB username - even if you are sure I'll know who you are - somewhere in the notes so I can keep track of who sent what payment.

Another option for those without PayPal is to send a check or money order made out to Patty Justice at the following address:

PO BOX 274
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

Once again, when sending her money, please specify your BYB username.

I'll post an update/reminder or two over the next couple months with head counts as things move along. Can't wait til July!