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Morning Prowl: Cabrera still a top target of Red Sox?

Miguel Cabrera to Boston? Where have we heard this before?
Miguel Cabrera to Boston? Where have we heard this before?

Reading Nick Cafardo's notes in the Boston Globe today, and I come across this tidbit discussing options for improving their designated hitter:

Without question, Gonzalez and Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera remain the top targets — young hitters in their prime. Cabrera is less likely; he has an enormous contract and is with a team that appears to be a contender, though by the trading deadline, who knows?

Here I thought it was only Bill Simmons bringing such things up!

Bad Red Sox! Bad! Stay away!

Oh well. But at least Cafardo gave a shoutout to the Whitecaps' "Declaration of Indigestion." He'll take two.

As well, he mentioned the Red Sox were at least partially interested in trading for Curtis Granderson this offseason. On that, he wrote:

The Sox kicked the tires on a deal for Granderson in the offseason as a possible replacement for Jason Bay, but the Yankees put together a package with Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy, and Phil Coke in a three-way deal with Arizona and Detroit that the Sox couldn’t match, short of giving up Jacoby Ellsbury or Ryan Westmoreland.

In other news:

  • Beck's Blog: Perry relishes first big league save.
    Of course we also have the sample size problems to contend with. But my belief in Ryan Perry is part of what drove my dislike for paying for a high-priced closer. Certainly he did nothing to change that belief in his first closing appearance.
  • I must be old like Jim Leyland. I don't like that overenthusiastic celebration stuff by some pitchers, either.
  • Examining The Tigers' Rotation. MLB Trade Rumors gives a quick once-over. It's too early in the season to conclude a darn-tootin' thing, though. So excitement over Jeremy Bonderman and Dontrelle Willis should remain muted. Bonderman, however, looked like he had some really nice stuff to work with, so of the two I'd find it more likely he stuck in the rotation all year, even if I knew nothing else about the players.

  • Bill looked a tad closer at Bonderman's start at Detroit Tigers Weblog, although he, too, noticed the Pitch F/X data is whacky right now.
  • Big crowd at Comerica bodes well for Tigers' season. The Tigers had their largest second-day crowd at Comerica Park (which opened 10 years ago today) on Saturday. They're also at about the same number of season-ticket sales as last season and currently out-pacing single-game sales. Take that, fire-sale fanatics!