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BYB welcomes David Tokarz on board

With minor league baseball season beginning little more than a week ago, I asked a familiar face to join the BYB team to share his knowledge. You know him better as Demondeaconbaseball, but others know him better as David Tokarz.

He will be handling the daily recaps, as well as the minor league analysis. He's the one who can separate the wheat from the chaff and tell you all about it.

I asked him to tell you a bit about himself:

"I'm a rising senior at Wake Forest majoring in Communications and Political Science. I've been a Tigers fan since I was a little kid (I still have an old Cecil shirt) but after my family moved, I couldn't follow them as closely.

"I got back in 2005, which was great timing, and I stumbled across John Sickles in 2007. Ever since then I was hooked on prospecting. I rely mostly on Sickles and Kevin Goldstein, partially because they're free and partially because they deal with both numbers and scouting (I fancy myself a bit of a sabermetrics guy, though I'm a dolt with a spreadsheet).

"This is my first year really, truly focusing on the Tigers system, but I've been looking at prospects for a while and commented a lot on Minor League Ball before coming over to BYB for the draft (I was MOD for the mock Tigers draft, and the first comment I remember here was Kurt yelling at me for my draft methodology."

True story.

I've enjoyed his pieces so far and I hope you have, too. Welcome him aboard!