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For the want of a hit with RISP, the Tigers lose 2-0

Final - 4.19.2010 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Detroit Tigers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 1
Los Angeles Angels 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 X 2 4 0
WP: Joel Pineiro (2 - 1)
SV: Fernando Rodney (4)
LP: Dontrelle Willis (0 - 1)

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What emotions am I feeling at the moment?

Anger. Annoyance. Irritation. Frustration.

If you are fighting off the same feelings, then you must have stayed up into the wee hours to watch the Tigers lose to the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim California (or whatever their name is, as you never know from year to year).

Despite the Tigers having base runners all night long and a handful of scoring opportunities, they couldn't get a hit with RISP to save their lives. God forbid they actually get a win for a very solid Dontrelle Willis.

For those of you (myself included) waiting for the implosion of the D-Train, once again, it didn't happen. Willis more than held his own against the Angels, pitching a very nice game...and I didn't have to grade him on a curve!

Willis gave up only 2 runs and 4 hits in 6 innings, which I'll take from the D-Train, or from any 5th starter. The wildness still crops up (2 walks, 1 HBP), but when he's otherwise effective, I think we'll just have to take it as a part of Willis' game. It's who he is at this point of his career.

The one inning Willis truly struggled was in the 3rd. Even though no ball was hit hard, a couple of seeing eye hits, a throwing error, walk and a fielder's choice accounted for the only 2 runs the Angels would get, or need, all night long.

Willis deserved better. Much better. But the Tigers' bats had nothing to give. Not a damn thing.

As their team OBP for this season shows (.369 going into the game), and by the fact 7 different players had base hits tonight, the Tigers have no problem getting themselves on base. Getting those runners around to score however, has been an entirely different story. Sometimes it was bad luck, such as Alex Avila's line shot being turned into an inning ending double play by Angels' starting pitcher Joel Pineiro. Other times it was just a failure to come through with a hit with RISP, which has happened far too often on what's been an ugly 1-3 west coast swing.

It could get even uglier, with 7 more games left on the long road trip.

Despite the sudden disappearance of, for lack of a better word, "clutch" hitting, the Tigers could turn things around fairly quickly on offense. The scoring opportunities have been there in every game of this trip. They just need to capitalize on them occasionally.

Hell, even once would be nice.

Comment of the Night:

The frustration caused by the Tigers' feeble bats with RISP led Baroque to start a discussion about coming up with a "squandering" stat, but it had to have a snappy acronym to get her approval. mrsunshine found his inner saber by inventing...


men on base stranded. also means what the fans do when they get frustrated.

PERFECT! Someone call Bill James, stat!