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The BYB Meet-up: Update and reminder

Hi everyone, just a quick reminder for those planning to attend the meet-up on July 3. The deadline to reserve yourself (and a friend or loved one!) a seat is June 3. Here's a link back to the post with payment details.

The good news is that we've got ten people (including myself) so far, which means I've been paid back for the deposit I put down. My bank account thanks those of you that already sent payment.

The bad news is... only ten people! That leaves us with 25 available tickets, and I can request more if necessary. While a small group will be easy to manage, we'd love for lots more people to come, so get on it! :)

One more thing: A group of us have decided to do a double-header between the Tigers game at 1pm and the Mud Hens game at 6pm on the 4th of July. The 'Hens game will have fireworks, a Snoopy appearance and something involving autographs, apparently. Our car traveling to/from Toledo is full, but I wanted to let everyone know that's happening in case anyone else is up for it.