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Alfredo Figaro to be in Detroit on Wednesday

Triple-A Toledo starting pitcher Alfredo Figaro -- best known for his mysterious Game 161 start against the White Sox last year -- will be in Detroit for the day-night double header on Wednesday.

He's had 27 strikeouts and 10 walks in 35 innings on the mound for the 'Hens. His ERA is 2.55.

Will he be activated for a spot start to keep the rotation in order with no upcoming off days? That would make some good sense. But we don't know yet.

And how do the Tigers make room for him, and which reliever gets the call after the game?

A few theories for your debate:

  1. Send Ryan Perry down because he's walking too many batters again this season and could use a little work on his control.
  2. Thank Brad Thomas for being a good soldier, but remove him from the 40-man roster to open up a corresponding move to grab whichever reliever they feel like.
  3. They could choose to go with Hens closer Jay Sborz, who has an ERA of 0.82, 11 strikeouts, five walks and eight saves in 11 innings. None of Robbie Weinhardt, Scot Drucker, Josh Rainwater or Casey Fien are on the 40-man roster, so they'd require Thomas (or someone else) be removed first.
  4. Detroit could also bring up Daniel Schlereth. However, Schlereth has walked 15 batters in his last 14 2/3 innings on the mound. That could be a problem.

You hate to see Thomas get called on twice to start games and then end up getting released soon after, but baseball is a business and he's not exactly torn things up out of the bullpen either, so I could see it happen.

But I could see a move that brought Sborz -- a 25-year-old who the Tigers added to the 40-man roster last fall -- get a shot, too.

Speculate away, BYB! Just don't take too long because this could all be decided soon.