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Max Scherzer's mistakes ignite Big Papi's power: Red Sox 7, Tigers 2

Final - 5.14.2010 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Boston Red Sox 5 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 7 10 0
Detroit Tigers 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 5 0
WP: Clay Buchholz (4 - 3)
LP: Max Scherzer (1 - 4)

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Max Scherzer has now pitched poorly for a fourth consecutive start, and a glance at the game thread shows the fans are growing more displeased with each home run he allows.

He allowed three homers tonight -- including a pair to David Ortiz that landed approximately five miles from home plate and a third to Dustin Pedroia. Five of the runs scored in the first inning, and it was frustrating to watch because Scherzer was so close to avoiding trouble but just couldn't finish the deal. He got to two strikes on Pedroia before allowing the home run. He walked Kevin Youkalis after starting off with an 0-2 count.

Scherzer relied mainly on his fast ball early. All six pitches to Pedroia were fastballs, and all five to Ortiz were before the first homer. Before the second homerun to Ortiz, he did mix in a pair of changeups. But it was another four-seamer that ended up in the stands.

During the post game, Scherzer told the press he needed to keep working on his arm slot.

Well, he's got to work on something, anyway. Because he has not even given his team a chance to be in the game for a month now.

As for the Tigers at the plate, Brennan Boesch had another RBI on a single, and Brandon Inge picked one up on a sacrifice.

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Max Scherzer channelled his inner Nate Cornejo