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Is moving Carlos Guillen to second base the right move for the Tigers?

Carlos Guillen knows he is ready to play second base.'s Jason Beck wrote that Guillen hoped all along to get back to the infield, but was a good soldier for the organization and played where they asked him.

After a bunch of roster moves late Saturday night -- including sending Scott Sizemore and Max Scherzer to Triple-A Toledo and calling up Danny Worth and Armando Galarraga -- we learned Guillen will get the chance to move back to the infield as soon as he is able to come off the disabled list, which could come in two weeks time. Until then Worth is set to split time with Donnie Kelly and Ramon Santiago at second .

Guillen said Sunday:

"I'm trying to have fun. I'm happy to be back in the infield. The left side of the infield is great. Brandon Inge is a good defensive player, and Adam Everett, everybody knows, is one of the best. I don't think it's going to be too hard. I think it's going to feel comfortable for me."

Unfortunately, Guillen seems to be one of the most breakable baseball players you can find. He moved around the infield and eventually into the outfield not (just?) because he couldn't field the positions great, but also in an attempt to keep him healthy for as much of the grueling 162-game season as possible.

And yet even as designated hitter, he hurt his hamstring while running the bases about 3-1/2 weeks ago, leading to his stay on the disabled list.

That all makes the plan to move him to second base a bit ... perplexing. Well, that's one angle anyway.

The flip side is that Scott Sizemore was not acquitting himself well during his first taste of the MLB. His defense was below average, and his batting average was just above the Mendoza line. You don't need any sabermetric stats to show that he struggled and did not give the Tigers many reasons to keep him around right now. Sure, he's probably not going to be that bad for his career. But he was that bad now.

And now is what matters.

So the Tigers figure Guillen will field capably well -- compared to Sizemore, anyway -- at second base while hitting a lot better. And I don't need to throw any stats at you to back that assertion, either. As long as Guillen is healthy, he will be an upgrade at the position and in the Tigers' lineup.

Brennan Boesch is behind all of this, of course. Detroit needed "creative solutions" to keep his bat in the lineup when Guillen returns from the disabled list. And this was the option they felt would work best. Leyland told the Detroit News:

"Obviously, we want to find a spot for him every day. I think they would probably run me out of town if we sent Boesch down, so I don't think that would be a very bright move. And you've got Johnny Damon, so what you do is because of the situation with Scott Sizemore.

It is going to give us another bat in the lineup. He has obviously caught a lot of ground balls in his career. ... We think it is a logical move. I think Carlos is solely behind it.

This all brings up an interesting thought: What if Boesch's batting trails off by Memorial Day? Will the Tigers' brass change their minds? This is, after all, an organization whose word one week may not carry over to the next one.

Nevertheless, this is the plan as it stands today.

We discussed this and the other roster moves a bit on Sunday, but I know a lot of people only check in during the week, so feel free to weigh in with how you feel about the plan here.

In other news: