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Granderson for Jackson looks good today, but it's still too early to give a final grade

Last week, I was asked by Casey Ford of Marquette's ESPN970 whether the offseason trade was a good trade or a great trade for the Tigers.

Looking at the stats for the players involved in the Winter Meetings deal, you could even add "one-sided" to the description of the deal.

The players deal by Detroit:

  • Edwin Jackson -- 8.07 ERA, 1.76 WHIP, 1-3 record
  • Curtis Granderson -- .225 batting average, .311 OBP, .375 slugging average, 2 home runs; disabled list

The players acquired by Detroit:

  • Austin Jackson -- MLB-leading 40 hits, .367 average, .420 OBP, 5 SB
  • Max Scherzer -- 4.23 ERA, 1-1 record
  • Phil Coke -- 1.93 ERA, much-needed left-handed arm after Bobby Seay's injury
  • Daniel Schlereth -- not even needed in Detroit yet. 1.46 ERA with 15 strikeouts in 12.1 innings in Triple A.

How can you grade something like that? A or A+? It has been excellent beyond any expectations. Some Yankees fans, on the other hand, are less thrilled. Others were more level-headed, of course. And that's the right position to take right now.

But before writing your grade in ink, it's important to check your calendar.

Mine says May 3.

That's not to say I don't view this trade as a success. So far it looks like the Tigers have gotten their fair share of young talent, a bit of salary relief to add a few pieces to the puzzle and the rare opportunity to keep winning games while having a transition year. The Tigers' scouts did a good job.

As Tigers fans, we have nothing to complain about.

Just be sure to keep a spoonful of perspective when thinking about it. I get the feeling some people out there would have been happy to swap the players one-on-one knowing what they do today. But asking "Granderson Who?" before 20 percent of the season has even been completed is a bit too much for me.

If you flipped Granderson's completely bad luck on balls in play (.267) with Jackson's unsustainable good luck (.500+), would you like this trade nearly as much?

Of course, many still would, and we heard from them throughout the offseason.

But give a little time for the hots and colds to even out before making too definitive of a statement. The season doesn't end the first weekend in May; a lot can change.

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