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For Max Scherzer, success minimal against Twins: Minnesota 10, Detroit 4

Final - 5.3.2010 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Detroit Tigers 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 4 9 0
Minnesota Twins 4 3 0 0 3 0 0 0 X 10 12 1
WP: Scott Baker (3 - 2)
LP: Max Scherzer (1 - 2)

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Max Scherzer has ... shall we say .... interesting splits this year. They were on display again Monday night.

Two games against the Twins: 8 IP, 18 hits, 16 ER, 4 walks, 4 strikeouts

Four games against the real of the AL: 24 IP, 21 hits, 7 ER, 7 walks, 17 strikeouts

We can't even blame Joe Mauer for this, as he sat again with a sore heel, while Jim Thome, Michael Cuddyer, Denard Span and Wilson Ramos accounted for the majority of the punishment inflected upon Scherzer.

I continue to have some concern about Scherzer, whose average fastball was a tick slower than it has been this season and nearly 3 mph off what it was last year. His peak fastball was just 93.2. Not coincidentally, his strikeout rate has dropped quite a bit, too. A couple of his hits allowed were high in the zone. A couple were completely outside of it.

This is definitely a storyline worth watching as the season goes forward.

The game was pretty much unwatchable after the first two innings when Minnesota went up 7-0, though I stuck around anyway because -- let's face it -- what else is on TV on Mondays? Nothing I'd watch.

The most bright spot of this game was probably Austin Jackson, who continues to rack up the extra-base hits and multi-hit games. He had a single, a double and a triple. Interestingly, they came in exactly that order, too. The double off the glove of a leaping Michael Cuddyer and the triple just past the glove of the diving Cuddyer.

Miguel Cabrera and Brennan Boesch also had multi-hit games. Brad Thomas had 3-2/3 shutout innings in relief.

In other news:

Comment of the Night

Flying J assisted me in writing the recap:

Tigers were bad.
Twins were annoying.
Meh it’s one game.

A good challenge came from 1140193.


Can you write a haiku about the game? Maybe we can at least have some fun with it.