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Dontrelle Willis traded to Arizona Diamondbacks

Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse reported Dontrelle Willis is headed to the Arizona Diamondbacks pending physical. (Jon Paul Morosi confirmed this on Twitter).

There is no word yet on what the Tigers receive in return or how much (if any) of Willis' remaining contract the Tigers will pick up.

Check back to this post for more news as we hear it.

Update 1: Phoenix-area sports talk radio host John Gambadoro says on Twitter the deal is likely for a 40-man roster pitcher with Detroit paying all of Willis' salary this year above MLB minimum. (via Alli)

Update 2:'s Jason Beck reports the clubs aren't talking about it.

Update 3: The Tigers front office tweets:

The Tigers have acquired RHP Billy Buckner from the Diamondbacks for Dontrelle Willis and cash.

They also mention he will be optioned to Toledo once the transaction is complete.