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MLM Recap: Gustavo Nunez goes 3-7 with a triple

So the draft is over. I'll have a post-mortem up next week after the analysts have... analyzed, I guess. Nice to have some other opinions to (dis)agree with. Distance also helps. I should have a Stars and Scrubs up by Friday, and I'm thinking a prospect profile on Ramon Lebron sometime soon. In the meantime, Take 75 North deals with transaction news so I don't have to! Hey, if Matt can stop doing recaps then I can wuss out on the minor transactional stuff.

Anyways, recaps:

AAA: Toledo @ Lehigh Valley postponed

AA: Portland 10, Erie 6

Duane Below had another short outing today- he gave up 2 runs (1 earned) in 4.1 innings, allowing 7 hits and 1 walk with 4 strikeouts. Luis Marte pitched a hitless inning with 2 strikeouts. Michael Bertram was 2-4 with 2 doubles and Andy Dirks was 3-5.

A+: Tampa 5, Lakeland 4 (13 innings)

Adam Wilk had a pretty good start: 7 innings, with 1 earned run on 6 hits and a walk with 5 strikeouts. Gustavo Nunez was 3-7 with a triple, which was the only extra base hit that Lakeland had in the game. Alden Carrithers was 3-6 with a walk.

A: Cedar Rapids 5, West Michigan 2

Trevor Feeney went 7.1 innings, allowing 5 earned runs on 9 hits (including a homer) and 1 walk with 4 strikeouts. Ronnie Bourquin was 1-4 with a double.