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World Cup Open Thread -- June 11

All the world's eyes turn to South Africa for the next month as the World Cup officially opens today. For the soccer fan, it's truly like Christmas. If Christmas only came once every four years! So I'm pretty excited this morning.

And for the American soccer fan, it should be an entertaining beginning. Our rivals in Mexico open their tournament against South Africa in Group A action in just a few minutes (tune into ESPN at about 9:25 a.m. eastern time). Seeing El Tri fall to Bafana Bafana this morning would be nothing short of spectacular fun. (Unfortunately, also quite unlikely). Later today, France faces Uruguay at about 2 p.m. And who can't enjoy a little hatred of the French? It's all in good fun, right?

But even if you're not rooting for the same teams as me, hopefully you'll enjoy a little soccer talk to get you through your day.

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