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Afternoon Prowl: Designated assignments, fun with stats

  • When your team is in a slump, you have a few options. You can sulk, pout, grrrrr, watch the World Cup (my choice!) or laugh. Matt Sussman of MLive is giving the last option a try, finding funny assignments for which the the Tigers should designate their players. A few choice assignments:

    Ryan Raburn: Geography. On a map of Comerica Park, locate the bench.
    Alex Avila: Theology. What commandment do fans typically break verbally when you leave a runner on base?
    Jose Valverde: You'll be a TA. Teach others how to be awesome.
  • Jim Leyland, on the other hand, chose the grrrr option:

    "You've got to hit somebody.

    "My only issue is three runs (four, actually) in three games -- that's not good. They're all very good pitchers, they (opposing pitchers) all don't have their best games against us.

    "At the major league level you've got to beat good pitchers, 'cause they're all good pitchers up here. That's the way it is. You can figure you're going to see good major-league pitching the rest of the season.

    "That's the way it's supposed to be."

  • The Tigers have a 53-22 record in interleague play since 2006.
  • From the game notes:

    Brennan Boesch has collected 23 extra-base hits in the first 38 games of his major league career with the Tigers. His 23 extra-base hits are tied for the second-most in a player’s first 38 career games since at least 1952, along with Alvin Davis (1984), Adam Dunn (2001), Albert Pujols (2001) and Jeff Francoeur (2005). Ryan Braun collected 25 extra-base base hits in his first 38 career games in 2007.
  • The only division the Tigers have a winning record against right now is ... the AL East?! But they've only played seven games.
  • Paul at Eye of the Tigers did a closer look at Austin Jackson. (Who by the was has a .244 on base percentage and .300 slugging average this month.)
  • Phil Coke and Joel Zumaya are the two pitchers the starters want to see come out of the bullpen when they exit the game with runners on base. Coke allowed 5 of 23 inherited runners to score and Zumaya just 3 of 18. Brad Thomas (5-9) and Eddie Bonine (8-13) lead to certain disaster.
  • Former director of player development Glenn Ezell talked to's Jason Beck about the Tigers' decision to go a different direction.
  • The White Sox also provide humor, as GM Kenny Williams and manager Ozzie Guillen almost came to blows during the Tigers series, the Sun-Times reports.
  • Best and worst in June (10 at-bats or more)

    Brennan Boesch, 1.241 OPS
    Miguel Cabrera, 1.113 OPS
    Gerald Laird, .327 OPS
    Ryan Raburn, .535 OPS
  • Best situational hitting (season:

    Brennan Boesch, 23.9 percent batted in %
    Alex Avila, 1.5% batted in %
  • Best and Worst relief pitching in June by baserunners:

    Jose Valverde, 0 WHIP in 3 2/3 innings
    Fu Te Ni: 3 WHIP in 1 1/3 innings
  • Best starting pitching: See photo