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New confidence poll up, but what does it mean to you?

You probably noticed SB Nation added a confidence poll when it updated the look of the site last week. If not, look in the upper left corner under our logo and you'll find it. The results are tracked, and covered as if a sporting event by our regional partner SB Nation Detroit. (Who, by the way, can't figure out how Lions fans are a "49" and Tigers fans are a "40.")

Frankly I'm a bit miffed about the entire thing, and I'm not just talking about the result of the first week.

We all know this poll is silly and just meant to be taken as fun and looked back on later to see the wave pattern of confidence.

But this is where you come in.

When you vote for your confidence in the Tigers, what are you voting for?

Fortunately we're not a college blog with multiple sports seasons and just one poll. But we are a baseball blog in midseason.

Are you voting how you feel they'll finish out the season? Are you voting how you feel the big picture is going for the Tigers? Are you voting low because they're in a recent losing streak or high because they're in a winning streak?

Maybe if there's a clear majority we can look at the results and have some clue what we, as a community, were thinking at a point in time.

If not, well, it's something to do anyway.

So what "confidence" mean to you?