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Meet-up Open Thread

A couple of people asked for an open thread to discuss meet-up happenings, since it's coming up in a couple weeks. So, here you go.. rec this post and it'll stay in the sidebar once it gets pushed off the front page. There are some things of note - specifically, where to meet us before the game - after the jump.

  • We will be meeting at the State Bar across from the main gate (where the big tiger is) at 5pm. We'll hang out there until a decent amount of people have arrived. If you cannot make it that early, let us know so that phone numbers can be exchanged. Twitter and email are fine too, as I've got a blackberry. Patty or I will meet stragglers at the gate at 6:45. If you STILL haven't arrived by then, your ass will be waiting until one of us feels like getting up. :)
  • Some of us are planning to go to the Tigers day game July 4, then we've got a car or two going for the Mud Hens game that evening. There aren't group tickets for the day game, personally I am getting cheap seats since we may have to leave before it's over. If you'd like to come along to Toledo or meet us there, our seats are in section 104. Here are some parking and traffic details from Erin, as there will be street closures in downtown Toledo for the holiday.
  • I'll also be at the game July 5, it's a Monday and against the Orioles so I'm sure there are good seats to be sneaked (snuck?) into.