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Jacob Turner to Lakeland

Breaking news per Jason Beck (well, okay, it's not exactly breaking): Jacob Turner has been promoted from Class A West Michigan to Class A+ Lakeland.

This is a pretty solid move, but it's likely to generate more buzz than it deserves. In the end, Turner is still a 19 year old that put up great numbers in A ball while sporting glowing scouting reports. It's a slightly aggressive move (nobody would have blamed Detroit if they had left him in West Michigan all year) but it's not as aggressive as promoting Andy Oliver. If anything, this indicates that the front office wants Turner ready for Detroit ASAP, even though that won't be any time this year (and probably not next year). If he closes out this year in Lakeland and does a good job, he'll probably go to Erie next year and be looking at his debut either mid-season 2011 or early in 2012.