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Morning Lede: Welcome to Draft Day!

So draft day is upon us. A day I'm sure we've all been waiting for as feverishly as we can. Okay, that's a bit of a stretch. But for prospect watchers like me, draft day is a big deal- it's the time where David Chadd goes out and drafts us some more relievers restocks the farm system with talent. The Tigers do not have a first round pick this year (thank you Jose Valverde) but do have two in the supplemental rounds- one at #44 and the other at #48. Expect the Tigers to spend over MLB's slotting recommendations and to snag whatever talent manages to fall.

Here now, below the jump, are some draft day links so that you too can partake in this joyous occasion!

Here's a story about potential first rounder Yordy Cabrera- whose father is the GCL manager for Detroit. Translation: don't expect him to fall past us. Not that we should let him past- he's a great player.

You can see scouting reports of Cabrera (as well as tons of other players) at Some of the reports aren't the greatest, but it's a good set that even features some video. It's a great place to start when you're looking at first round and supplemental talent.

On a fun note, Patrick Leyland (Jim Leyland's son) is eligible for the 2010 draft too. Huh. Wonder if we'll nab him in the early goings?

A couple older links from Andy Seiler over at MLB Bonus Baby. First is a Draft Preview from March and second is aa Q+A that Seiler did with Stephen over at Connecticut Tiger Den.

Lynn Henning has a good article on the draft where he names some potential targets for the Tigers. On the list include BYB favorites Jacoby Jones, Zach Lee, Matt Lipka and Garin Cecchini. Hmm... maybe Henning's been reading BYB...

Beck has a pretty good summary of draft stuff up at the Mothership as well.

Finally, I'll have a recap of the Minor League Ball draft as well as some personal predictions up sometime later this afternoon. Happy draft day!

Addition from Kurt

You'll notice on the left sidebar there's a confidence vote. How confident in the Tigers are you? (What does this even mean?) Anyway it's a new addition so feel free to vote and it could be fun to track over time.

As well, SB Nation launched a regional site, the aptly named SB Nation Detroit, so check that out this morning too.