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Morning Prowl: Galarraga honored, Thomas operated on

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Wait, you mean there was still news in the major leagues as well? Stunningly, yes.

  • Armando Galarraga was named the AL's player of the week. (At least the MLB got something right last week.)
  • And this has already been touched on, but his cleats and the first-base bag will be headed to Cooperstown. Good to see the Hall of Fame acknowledging the game.
  • While you're at MLive for the above link, you can check out the Detroit Tigers Nickname Compendium and let them know what your favorite Galarraga nickname is. At that point I realized Galarraga really has no nickname other than "Mondo," which is really just his name. Or the Little Cat, which I don't believe anyone actually calls him anyway. I'm going with Señor Perfecto myself.
  • The Arizona Republic got in a "downtrodden Detroit" reference. That should be the city's official nickname. It would save on marketing, right?
  • Jack Morris shared his feelings on Galarraga's game and the MLB's response in an article at TigsTown (no subscription needed for this one.) The onetime Tiger and onetime Twin declared the Tigers and Twins the only teams with a real shot to win the AL Central.
  • Former pitcher Curt Schilling wrote that commissioner Bud Selig missed his chance to make things right.
  • Let's not forget Señor Perfecto pitches tonight. So how did the starters of this season's other perfect games do in their first start after the big day? Dallas Braden gave up four runs in eight innings against the Angels. Roy Halladay allowed two runs in seven innings to the Padres. Both pitchers allowed a hit in the first inning.
  • Clete Thomas had microfracture surgery on his knee and will be out for the season. (Like Grady Sizemore.)
  • Lynn Henning wrote about the roster shuffle going on in Toledo.
  • Tom Gage has more on the Tigers' decision to cut ties with Adam Everett.
  • Magglio Ordonez is paid a lot this season, obviously. But he is doing very well against his fellow Richy Rich club members. In fact, he's second in WAR and third in OPS+ in the group of baseball's 15 highest-paid batters, Baseball Daily Digest writes. His teammate is ahead of him in both categories. (Via Billfer)