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Who will be the odd man out of the 25-man roster?

If we are to believe the probables at listed today, the pitching schedule looks like this the next few days:

  • Tonight: Max Scherzer
  • Saturday Game 1: Justin Verlander
  • Saturday Game 2: Rick Porcello
  • Sunday: Andy Oliver
  • Monday: Jeremy Bonderman
  • Tuesday: Armando Galarraga (on a day short of rest)

I had assumed they would do something like pair Porcello and Andy Oliver together for the double header. Oliver starts game one, is optioned to Triple-A and Porcello is recalled to the Tigers. Nice and orderly, and two moves that need to be done for the team to have a better chance at winning the division.

So it looks like a move will be needed on Saturday, and another on Tuesday. I guess the best bet for Tuesday is that either Oliver or Porcello make room for Galarraga. So who do we think will end up the odd man out?

Will it be right-hander Robbie Weinhardt, who could be a valuable middle reliever for the team? How about left-hander Daniel Schlereth? How about a position player to make sure the Tigers have enough relievers to make it through a four-game weekend?

I find this move a hard one to predict, so what's your take?