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Quick reminder: Watch the language

This sort of thing is expected after such a horrible weekend of baseball in these parts, but when it comes to commenting outside of game threads, Kurt & I feel we've gotta remind everyone to try to tone down the colorful language. We're all frustrated right now, but try to be a little more respectful in recap posts and other threads.

Look, we know how frustrated you can get. When something stupid happens, we all have reactions in the moment. You know what? That truly is fine. But this isn't your local watering hole. This is a site visited by thousands of people a day, from their homes, offices, schools, etc. Countless hours are put into creating content, so we'd like to avoid limiting the audience for it as much as possible.

So if you're responding to things hours later, ask yourself, "Does dropping the F-bomb here really make my remark better?" Probably not.

Thanks, and please remember: even when 90% of the team is slumping and things kinda suck, we really appreciate everyone that hangs out at BYB. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the little envelope links at the bottom of the main page.