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Roundup: John Buck, Dan Haren among Tigers trade targets

When you're happy and you know it clap your hands! The Tigers are reported to be scouting Jays catcher John Buck.
When you're happy and you know it clap your hands! The Tigers are reported to be scouting Jays catcher John Buck.

Unlike Ian, I don't particularly chase every time the Tigers are somehow linked to a player. But for those who are interested in keeping up, I provide this short-and-nasty rundown. Feel free to add to it in the comments.


  • RHP Dan Haren, Arizona -- Haren is the jewel on the trade market right now, with a beautiful strikeout-to-walk ratio, a solid resume and successful experience in the American League. However the D-Backs are reportedly looking for two starting pitchers and a reliever, near or at MLB ready. That's a conversation stopper. The Tigers are said to be bird-dogging Haren's starts, which is a great phrase. Owed $25.5m over next two years with option for third at $15.5m. (Source: CBS Sports)
  • RHP Ben Sheets, Oakland -- The predictive xFIP stat (which translates like ERA) has him at 4.48. The A's do not seem to want to trade him. I do not want to add an aging pitcher with poor peripherals and results. This is a perfect agreement. He's owed about $5m the rest of this season. (Source: CBS Sports)
  • RHP Michael Wuertz, Oakland -- Take my feelings about Sheets and increase them to get my take on giving up anything at all for Wuertz. His 5.12 ERA is slightly above his 4.74 xFIP. I'll keep the rookies in the bullpen, thanks. (source: MLB TR)
  • LHP Craig Breslow, Oakland -- The Tigers and A's have been linked quite a bit so far... He strikes out more than a batter an inning, doesn't walk a lot. His ERA is a solid 3.09 though his xFIP of 4.42 puts up warning flags.
  • LHP Ted Lilly, Chicago Cubs -- He's basically a left-handed Sheets when it comes to peripherals. He has an x FIP of 4.62. Lilly has slightly better control, Sheets gets more ground balls, they strike out about the same. However he does project as a Type A free agent, though I wouldn't exactly bet on the Tigers offering arbitration. Owed north of $5m this season. (Source:'s Jayson Stark, via MLB TR)


  • SS Ryan Theriot, Cubs -- This was mentioned briefly in the Lilly piece. He is playing below replacement level. So ... NO.
  • SS Stephen Drew, Diamondbacks -- Has at nice bat and above-average UZR at the position. Also has two arbitration years left on his contract. (source: FoxSports)


  • None so far, as it is not a need


  • John Buck, Blue Jays -- The Jays' 2010 all-star catcher has a .278 avg /.309 OBP /.504 SLG through 265 plate appearances. He has thrown out 24% of runners this season and 26% for his career. This would be an offensive upgrade over what the Tigers have a the position, to be sure, though a step down on controlling the run game. (Source: Toronto Sun, via MLB TR)