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The revolution will not be televised...nor will Tigers - Blue Jays on Sunday night

Yes, it's true.

There's no TV for Sunday night's makeup game between the Tigers and Blue Jays. You can thank the same people who gave us such debacles LeBron James' "The Decison."

The suits at ESPN.

Via the ever vigilant Jason Beck of

FSN Detroit will broadcast Sunday's afternoon game as scheduled, but not the Sunday night. ESPN's national exclusivity window doesn't allow for local broadcasts for games starting after 5 p.m. ET, according to a Tigers release.

Not that Dan Dickerson's radio call being the only available play-by-play is a bad thing. You can get your baseball fix in without having to listen to the inanities spewed by clueless Joe Morgan on Sunday Night Baseball.

As always, you can follow along in the game thread here at BYB. Actually, it may be your only option, thanks to ESPN.

It's not like we needed another reason to despise if subjecting the pox on humanity known as Chris Berman upon the populace wasn't enough.