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Twin bill intermission thread: Dombrowski speaks, says "No rentals!"

Via Jason Beck of

"We've lost our third baseman, our right fielder and our second baseman," Dombrowski said. "Plus, we'd already lost [reliever] Joel Zumaya. So we'll see who steps up for us internally. You're not going to trade for every one of those positions. It's just not going to happen. But we'll see if there's something that makes sense for us."

Dombrowski also added almost every trade discussion starts with teams asking for Jacob Turner and Andrew Oliver. If they are going to be the cost of doing business, Dombrowski is hanging up the phone.

"Other clubs look at us and say, 'Well, they are desperate so maybe they will trade us Oliver and Turner,' " Dombrowski said. "Well we aren't. I'm not meaning to say that anyone is untouchable. I'm not going to give away blue-chip young players for a guy for two months. It just doesn't make sense. Will we be active in talking to people? Yes. If there is a deal that we think can be made that can help us, will we? Yes. Are we going to mortgage our future? No.

As for any possible trade rumors/scenarios, the latest name to pop up is the Nats' Adam Dunn.

Via MLB's All Nats All The Time blog:

With the injury to outfielder Magglio Ordonez, the Tigers have "great interest" in Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn, according to a baseball source.

Where would Dunn play? As if you needed to ask...

If the Tigers were to acquire him, Dunn would be a designated hitter and play in the outfield. They already have a first baseman in Miguel Cabrera.

I'm not sure there's much to this, as Dunn is a free agent to be...a two month rental, which Dombrowski says he doesn't want.

Feel free to discuss!

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