Tigerdog1 grades the Tigers at the 81-game mark of the season

I plan to wait until the all-star break -- if I ever finish redoing a wood floor -- to check in on things, so until then enjoy and debate TigerDog1's views at the actual midway point! --Kurt

Following are the American League Team Rankings in the major offense, defense, and pitching categories.

Through 81 games, I give the Tigers a C plus overall. They're just above average, but maybe that's good enough.

With C being average, I give the lineup a C, defense a D, Bullpen a solid B, and Rotation a D.


Where the Tigers rank among AL teams, half way through the 2010 Season (14 teams)


8th in Runs scored
4th in Batting Avg
5th in on base pct
6th in slugging
5th in OPS
9th in Home Runs
3rd in Doubles
9th in Triples
8th in Total bases
6th in Walks
8th in Strikeouts
11th in Stolen Bases
6th in SB pct
7th in Sac bunts
11th in Sac flies
7th in GDP’s
7th in Xtra base hits
10th in Avg RISP
7th in OPS vs RHP’s
2nd in OPS vs LHP’s
1st in Avg vs LHP’s

9th in Team ERA
9th in Team BAA
10th in Team OBP Allowed

3rd in team SLG
Last (least) in HR allowed
10th in WHIP
7th in BB’s
10th in K ‘s
2nd in Save Pct
13th in Blown Saves
11th in K/ BB
4th in P/PA

12th in Rotation ERA
Last in rotation innings pitched (13th IP/game)
11th in Rotation Batting Avg .297
11th in Rotation WHIP (1.48)
7th in Rotation K/9

Last in Team Fielding Pct (.009) behind league leading Twinkies
9th in team Defensive Efficiency Rating
2nd in Double Plays
3rd in Caught Stealing % (32%)

4th in Bullpen ERA
6th in Bullpen Innings
3rd in Bullpen batting Avg
4th in Bullpen WHIP
13th in Rotation K/9
2nd in Save Pct (80 pct)
5th in Bullpen OBP

What does all this mean? I think that the offense scores just enough runs if the Tigers had a pitching staff that was a top five staff. Unfortunately, that's not the case. While the bullpen has been stellar, despite recent signs of cracking with Zumaya and Perry going to the DL, the Rotation has been just mediocre. Recent performances have been no better, either, as the Rotation posted the second highest ERA in the league during June. They'll have to get better pitching from their starters if they're going to pull this division out, IMO.

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