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Time running out for Tigers to sign draft picks Castellanos, Ruffin

As you know, grabbing a player in baseball's First-Year Player Draft is just half the job. Once you've got him, you've got to sign him by Aug. 16. Another way of saying "Aug. 16" is "Monday." So time is starting to run out. But don't let that worry you too much. There's some strategy in when you sign a player and when you announce it. You don't always want to get it done too soon.

So via here's a list of the players Detroit still needs to get into the system:

  • 1st (supplemental) rounder Nick Castellanos (3B)
  • 1st (supplemental) rounder Chance Ruffin (RHP)
  • 2nd rounder Todd Smyly (LHP)
  • 4th rounder Mitch Green (RHP)
  • 11th rounder Brian Dupra (RHP)
  • 15th rounder Collin Kuhn (LF)
  • And 16 players drafted between the 22nd and 50th rounds

TigsTown's Mark Anderson has kept on top of things and reported on Twitter.

Lots of calls last night on #Tigers draft picks, signs point to Castellanos, Ruffin, Smyly, and Green all signing; Dupra and Kuhn unlikely.

I've been hearing it's likely that #Tigers top pick Nick Castellanos is going to be getting similar money to picks 18-20...still fluctuating

So how much money did the 18-20 guys make?

Eighteenth pick Kaleb Cowart has not yet signed with the Angels, but seeks $2 million plus ESPN Los Angeles reports.. Slot recommendation is about $1.45M. At 19, Mike Foltynwwicz signed with the Astros for about a $1.3 million bonus. At 20, Kolbrin Vitek signed with the Red Sox for a slot-recommended $1.36 million bonus.

Castellanos was a guy expected to go in the 15 to 25 range of the first round, so it makes sense he expects the Tigers to pay him that way if he is to sign out of high school rather than play for the University of Miami. He's projected to be a solid hitter. So in my book, there's really no reason to scoff too much about the Tigers paying more than the MLB would prefer. That's just how they get the players they get.

Meanwhile the Austin Statesman reports Ruffin, too, would like more than the MLB recommends. So expect that one to go down to the wire, too.