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Afternoon Prowl: Leyland embarrassed after rant

OK, we've all been there before. You get a stick in the craw and something touches you off and boom goes the dynamite, right? But later you think "OK, well I guess I could have handled that a bit better ... " Well, maybe.

But usually you're not in front of a large crowd of people with microphones and cameras near by when you explode, right? I hope.

As you've probably read, Jim Leyland got caught yelling at the home plate umpire yesterday following a non-ejection on Chad Gaudin hitting Miguel Cabrera in the ribs with a pitch in the eighth inning.

"Somebody’s gonna get hurt. They’re going to the playoffs. I’m not going anywhere"

Only he left the ellipses out of his quotations.

Today, he told the media he felt embarrassed about the whole thing.

"I don't think anybody is always proud of the language you use when you're in the heat of battle like that," Leyland said before Thursday's game. "When you get mad, you can't really say, 'Well, I have to be a good boy now because there's a mike over here.'

Leyland had plenty more to say about that and why he declines to talk about controversies after the game, so check out the article.

In other news:
  • Magglio Ordonez got his cast off and is rehabbing in his home country of Venezuela. He will return to Detroit for a followup exam. ('s Jason Beck)
  • Johnny Damon thinks Brett Gardner's slide into second that injured Carlos Guillen was dirty. Serious question: If Will Rhymes is playing second and walks away fine, how many people still think it's dirty? (New York Post, via MLive)
  • Carlos Guillen will probably be out longer than the minimal 15 days. (Detroit News)
  • Catcher Gerald Laird still isn't in the lineup but he's day-to-day. ('s Jason Beck)