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Tigers keep their cool in loss: Yankees 11, Tigers 5

Some people were hoping for a fight today. Baseballs used as weapons, players knocked to the ground, fists flying. The season isn't going so well, so let's get a little WWE action to watch instead, right?

So I just thought I'd use today's recap to give a little bit of perspective. It was HOPE week, and today the Yankees were hosting Beautiful People.

By providing adaptive sports like baseball and soccer for children ages 5 to 21, Beautiful People has worked to give youth with special needs -- like Joshua, who has Spina Bifida and needs braces to walk -- the same chances as other children their age to take part in activities.

"It was astounding," (Beautiful People Director Janet) Brunkhorst said. "The parents are as excited as the kids are. There was a dad down on the field right after the anthem and he was just shaking. He said, '[Derek] Jeter was standing right next to me!' It's a day for everybody."

So here we have a picture of Yankee Phil Hughes helping a handicapped child run the bases. Look at the other photos. You'll see Joba Chamberlain giving an autograph. A.J. Burnett teaching a girl how to slide. Andy Pettitte helping another child how to hit.

Hit? That's right. The Tigers were supposed to come out and hit the Yankees because some umpire didn't follow through with his warnings and some pitcher let one slip. Good idea. Teach 'em and those Beautiful People a lesson.

Of course, had the Tigers fallen for that one, the lesson probably wouldn't have been one that positively reflected on our Hometown Nine, would it? They were no good at baseball, all they could do is try to fight.

Yeah, that's what I want them saying about my team.

Fortunately, I don't think most of my readers needed this lesson. And I fear those who did will just skip over it because, I, too, didn't feed their blood lust. Actually, those are the ones who are probably mad at me right now. Preachy? They didn't come to this blog for that. They came for some good old fashioned Yankee hate. Not gonna find that here.

I hoped the Tigers would get revenge between the lines the right way. Unfortunately they didn't. Well, except Miguel Cabrera, who promptly deposited a first-inning pitch into the stands to get his revenge for being hit last night.

Otherwise the game? The series? Hopefully forgotten soon enough by us.

Undoubtedly, it won't soon be forgotten by the Yankees' special guests.