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Miguel Cabrera most powerful in the American League

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We knew Miguel Cabrera had a lot of power, so what? We knew Justin Verlander had a pretty good fastball, too. So it's nice to get some third-party confirmation for bragging purposes.

Baseball America released its list of the best tools in the MLB (hat tip to Motor City Bengals' John Parent for the tweet), and some Tigers and former Tigers did pretty well.

Some highlights (and remember: this list is divided by AL and NL):

Miguel Cabrera -- Best hitter, best power

Justin Verlander -- Best fastball, best curveball

Brandon Inge -- No. 3 defensive third baseman

Jim Leyland -- No. 3 best manager

From the ex-Tiger list we can add:

Placido Polanco -- Best hit-and-run artist

How about the could-he-be-a-Tiger list?

Carl Crawford -- Fastest baserunner, No. 2 best baserunner, Most Exciting Player

Adrian Beltre -- Best infield arm, No. 2 defensive third baseman

Cliff Lee (hey, I can dream) -- Best Pitcher

OK, so that's a choice sampling. What do you think of the list? Did the inclusion of Leyland surprise you any? Have at it!