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Magglio Ordonez may have played his last game as a Tiger

I was under the impression things were going well in Magglio Ordonez's recovery. He was slated to be six to eight weeks after fracturing his ankle running the bases in July. The timetable would have put him back in Detroit about mid-September for the most likely case.

Alas, after having his cast removed and X-rays during a checkup yesterday, the prognosis seems to indicate Ordonez will be out longer -- possibly through the end of the season according to Jim Leyland, as quoted by's Jason Beck.

Asked if there was enough season left to get much out of Magglio, Leyland said, "I would say the answer to that is doubtful. I had a nice conversation with him yesterday. Things change fast in the injury business, so I don't really want to say for sure, but I think it might be unlikely that he plays the rest of this year."

Whether or not he returns next year is an issue all of its own. I have speculated the Tigers will find a contract that works for both parties. But that's far from any guarantee.

It would be quite sad if the Tiger who gave us the best highlight in two decades has officially played his last game for the D.