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The Outside Perspective on Johnny Damon

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We know how Johnny Damon feels. I think we've got a pretty solid idea on how the Tigers fans feel. But what are the feelings in Boston right now, as Damon decides whether to accept a waiver trade to the Red Sox?

I smell link roundup.

Who knows whether the Red Sox will catch the Rays for the wild-card spot? But for a few hours yesterday there was some excitement among the players, the media, and the fans. The Tigers put outfielder Johnny Damon on waivers, the Red Sox claimed him, and the first impression of many was, "Hey, this could be fun.’’

Former teammate Jason Varitek told the press Damon is a "hell of a teammate" and an exciting player. "Johnny knows we love him and always have. It’s wishful thinking right now.’’

  • Meanwhile Boston Sports Blog writer (also hosted at the Globe) writer Eric Wilbur thinks idiots are for dummies.

Whichever team that happens to be paying Damon is his "special place." He's one heck of a ballplayer, but he's one hell of an actor.

"If I do this, and we pulled everything together and I could help them get into the postseason, it would change everything again," he said.

This is why by some time tomorrow Johnny Damon will again be a member of the Boston Red Sox.

Put me on the "Eh, whatever" bandwagon when it comes to Damon. I'd much rather see Ryan Kalish, Daniel Nava and Darnell McDonald roam the outfield beside J.D. Drew for the rest of the season, but I'm also a journalist and a fan of the story: if Damon comes back, that is one of -- if not the biggest -- Red Sox storyline of the season.

  • Tampa manager Joe Maddon said all things considered he'd prefer Damon stay where he is. (Boston Globe)

"If he can’t be a Ray, I’d rather he be a Tiger, actually,'' Maddon told reporters in Anaheim yesterday. "Or a Red. Cincinnati’s fine. Or a Dodger is fine. But not a Red Sox.

The outfielder never received his hero's welcome at Fenway Park as so many other members of that 2004 team did after leaving for other locations.

He is certainly due something after all he did in Boston.

This could be a chance for both Damon and the Sox fans to finally get it right after all of these tumultuous years without resorting to a Springsteen song about bygone eras.

I really think it would be a great boost to the Sox and fan morale. I really think the young guys have done a good job and have helped the club stay in this thing, but what a story this would be and how great it would be to have his presence around on a daily basis.

"Knowing what kind of a teammate he is, knowing that he’s a good guy, a genial guy, once he starts getting the text messages and phone calls from the people he played with in Boston, I think he’ll be sold on the idea eventually of going back to Boston," said Olney.

  • MLB Network's Peter Gammons wrote on Twitter the Red Sox claimed Damon because they wanted him, not to block Tampa.

Tampa didn't even claimed him

  • Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald advises Johnny Damon: Join the Sawx.

Damon could play out the string in Detroit and the AL Central, or come back and play meaningful baseball at Fenway, Yankee Stadium and Tropicana Field for a few weeks.

C’mon, Johnny, that’s not a tough choice. Don’t be an idiot.

  • The New York Times' Tyler Kepner called it a difficult decision.
  • ESPNBoston ... slept through the story.